Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feeding the Birds

E just asked me for some of my croissant.

"Bread, bread."

I gave it to him.

He then walked to his toy bird to feed him.

Thankfully, Z ended up eating it so it didn't go to waste. = )

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Butt of the Joke

This morning E decided to use the potty.  He takes his diaper off right in front of his potty and plops down on his throne.

All of a sudden, he starts running towards me.  I tell E "show me your butt" to make sure he wasn't running around dirty.  He then proceeded to lay on the couch, butt facing me, for his diaper change.  More than once.  Silly goose.

Not today:

(mastering the uneventful potty run while looking productive)

The Things I Make...

...with play dough.

I got E his first play dough and he has enjoyed it so much.  I only let him play with it when little brother Z is sleeping and he takes every opportunity that he can.  

So far he has had me craft penguins, fish, whales, dolphins, hippos, snakes, spiders, balls, elephants, a dinosaur and a frog.  And the letter E. = )

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monster Ball

No, not Monster's Ball, the movie, but Monster Ball.

That's what my son thought of my little monster.

I'm in the process of moving the arms, adding feet, and changing the method of construction on this little guy, as well as coming up with some differently shaped friends.  I imagine it will take my about a month or so to have a pattern, especially since I am also working on fixing our cloth diapers.

Ugh, our cloth diapers.  So, our diapers (Bum Genius) are less than a year old and most of the velcro is destroyed.  I am currently removing the velcro and replacing it with aplix.  I think I'll be done with this in like 2 months, bah.  This is especially annoying because I have a Bummis Tots Bot diaper that has been in circulation for longer than most of my Bum Genius diapers and it is in perfect condition.  Unfortunately, we messed up with the washing of our BGs so they are not under warranty. 

Z: Then and Now

Z came into the world precisely when he wanted to.

He still maintains his need to inform one of when things will be happening.

One of Z's nicknames was Ptery.... because he shrieked like a pterodactyl when he cried.  You know that cry that kids get when they have already whined a little and really, really need/want something?  Well, that is Z's only cry and always has been.

It's like he knows he's a younger brother.  Though, he will probably be just as big as E when he turns 1 in two months.  They are a few inches and two pounds apart in size.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Signed, Indignant at the Park

Dear Someone Else's Nanny,

It is not appropriate to touch someone else's child to overcompensate for the fact that you weren't paying attention to your charge.   Snatching a toy from a child that you have never met before is unnecessary and uncalled for.  Your attitude is repulsive and your methods archaic.  You are serving as a role model not only for your charge, but with the other children you interact with.  If you act like a child you only harm those around you.  I fault myself for being non-confrontational and not speaking up at the park but if a similar event occurs in the future with you or any other caretaker or parent, I will not hesitate.  


Indignant at the Park

( disclaimer: not my kid, from google)

Help!  It's 10:30 and I'm already complaining!

Seriously though, my oldest is having a rough day (yay canines!) and we encountered a rude nanny at the park.  I have no problem in general with other children's caretakers at the park.  I try to be cordial to everyone and there are a few parents and nannies that  I speak to regularly.  This was the first time I recall encountering this nanny, though I could be mistaken (I have horrible facial recall).  Anyway, my son apparently snatched a toy from her charge (I didn't see this, but I will assume it happened) and I walked away (10 feet) to go get one of his toys to diffuse the situation.  In the meantime, the nanny (who had been on the phone) gets into the fray (not really a fray, her charge was upset but not crying) and snatched the toy from my son while holding his arm.  This upset E and flipped out.  I have never snatched a toy out of another child's hands and I don't know where this woman got the audacity to do so.  She then proceeded to sit back down on the bench and glare.  In my mind I just see her glaring and I really want to smack her.  I hope I don't see her again.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

E: Then and Now

This is the first picture of my son E.  My husband took it with my camera, thus why it is blurry.  It is amazing how much he has grown and how much emotion this picture stirs up.  I love this boy so much and in a couple of months he will be two!
E never stops moving and is a fast learner.  He has a great memory and is quite the little adventurer.  Also, he has plenty of 'tude.