Thursday, August 25, 2011

Judgy Pants

The moment I became a mom I felt it.  I knew it.  

Everyone was judging me.  

Why couldn't I stop my child from crying?  Why wasn't he wearing any shoes?  What  was I feeding him? Why was I letting him climb up the slide?  On and on and on.

The worst part?  I was doing it to.  Jeez, why doesn't that woman just pick up her child?  Why doesn't that mom tell her child to share?  

It seems that my insecurities about the job I'm doing come out in judgmental statements (in my head) aimed at other caretakers.  No one has the answers, I know that.  

So anyway, I had this judgy moment at the park today where I thought a parent was being overly pushy with their child.  I guess I still think so, if I'm honest.  I have to remind myself that every child is different (as is every parent) and that maybe his technique would be what was best for her.  It was trying for me because it reminded me of times when my husband and I weren't actively aware of our oldest son's developmental capabilities.  There are certain concepts that kids just don't get until certain ages, and yes some will understand them earlier than others and some later.  For the parent at the park today I hope that he isn't banging his head against the wall trying to teach his child something s/he can't understand yet.  If so, I sympathize.  

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