Sunday, August 28, 2011

Motherhood is Bad For Your Health

AKA First Philadelphia Irene Victim

(the victim)

Center City Philadelphia- Rain started pelting the Philadelphia area around noon yesterday as the impending Hurricane Irene made her slow ascent up the east coast.  Residents had previously flooded the local groceries stores, emptying the shelves of lighters and booze.  As the sky darkened, one local woman took it upon herself to tidy up her son's room.

That's when tragedy struck.  As the local woman, a mother of two in Center City, went to step over her youngest son (9 months) she miscalculated and hit this:

(the culprit)

Her toes were ensnared in the metal and wood contraption and the woman was forced to do a hop and turn move that would've had the judges on Dancing with The Stars raving.  The local woman then maneuvered herself to fall gently on the floor, at which time her older (21 months) son gave her a big hug...

So yeah, I'm pretty sure I broke my toe.  I imagine going to the ER as we await the worst of the storm would be stupid, so I will be calling my GP tomorrow.  And I hope I never have to show you a picture of my foot again...

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